Hang me up

Put me up on the shelf
Where you put all your trophies
I’ll be the small one inbetween your medals
Collecting dust in my unsung glory

I’ll be here
When you feel like reminiscing
The man who gave you his heart
But I’ll be the one you’re never missing

I’ll be the one you took for granted
The medal on your wall
The one felt unneeded
And the smallest of them all





SLC Punk (1998)

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Batman got the band back together 

Sleeve I’ve been working on for a couple months now, I didn’t do the darth vader piece, did the spider free hand today


carrionlust: Louis Bolanger (1806-1867).

Thrift store pair of shoes

I’ll call you mine if you let me
But that means that I will be yours
I’ve been mangled by others
Used and abused like the thrift store pair of shoes that catch your eye
Will you put me on and let me protect you from the thorns and glass that line this path?
Will let me call dibs?